Islamic history

Life of Muhammad (PBUH)

Following are main topics from Life of Muhammad (PBUH):

  1. Early Life of The Holy Prophet
  2. War of Fijar (Harb al-Fijar)
  3. Hilf al-Fudhul
  4. His Arbitration Over Black Stone
  5. The Call: 610 A.D.
  6. From the Call to the Migration
  7. Opposition by the Quraish
  8. The Persecution by the Quraish
  9. Migration to Abyssinia
  10. Visit to Taif
  11. Migration to Madinah (Yathrib)
  12. Foundation of the Republic of Madinah
  13. Charter of Madinah
  14. The Battle of Badr
  15. The Battle of Ohud: 625 A.D.
  16. Battle of Ditch: 627 A.D.
  17. Treaty of Hudaibiya
  18. The Fall of Makkah
  20. Government and Society under the Prophet
  21. The Revenue System under the Prophet
  22. Educational System under the Prophet
  23. Social System of Islam
  24. Family and Marriage System of Islam
  25. Economic System of Islam

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