How to Prepare for CSS English Précis and Composition Exam

How to Prepare for CSS English Précis and Composition Exam

It is a typical thought that those understudies score high in CSS test that are knowledgeable in the English language. It is a reality in light of the fact that the greater part of the occasions CSS test is bested by the understudies who additionally earned a gold-award in their Lord in English. It doesn’t really imply that the understudies from different controls can’t score high in CSS test. Understudies from orders, other than English, have likewise beaten the CSS test ordinarily. In spite of a ton of readiness, why the vast majority of the understudies fail in English paper? The appropriate response is that they influence arrangement yet they too don’t make readiness in legitimate lines.

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The primary thing, to begin with, is to comprehend the configuration of the paper. Without understanding the arrangement of the paper, it resembles battle to achieve a goal without having a guide. Understanding the configuration provides legitimate guidance to your readiness just as assembles your certainty amid endeavoring the paper. Peruse the configuration completely to acquaint yourself with it.

It has the following format:

  1. MCQs
  2. Précis writing
  3. Answer Questions at the end of the passage
  4. Sentence correction
  5. Punctuation of sentence
  6. Analogies question
  7. Re-writing dialogue in indirect Narration
  8. Differentiation of similar words
  9. Usage of words or phrases in a sentence
  10. Translation from Urdu to English


These are multiple choice questions having four options to select from. These test your knowledge in general

Précis Writing

You are given a mix of a couple of paragraphs. You are required to compose its précis. The term précis implies a compact outline. It implies you need to re-compose the given content in a short and extensive structure. You need to condense the given content in your own words. As coordinated in the inquiry, your précis ought to of around 120 words. Aside from précis composing, you likewise need to devise a reasonable title for the given entry.

Questions on passages

It is another inquiry where you are given passages having 3 to 5 paragraphs. You need to read the passages, search for answers and answer the questions given toward the finish of the sections.

Sentence correction

These are sentences given with errors like:

  • Wrong word usage
  • Subject Errors
  • Punctuation Errors
  • Verb agreement Errors
  • Modifiers Errors
  • Predicate Errors

Sentence correction can be learnt from a Good English Grammar Book like Wren & Martin or To the Point English by Aftab Ahmed.

Punctuation of sentences

Get familiar with the use of essential accentuation checks, for example, period, comma, colon, semi-colon, and hyphen. Every one of these imprints has an assorted use for interspersing words, expressions, and provisos. On the off chance that you ace them, it will help you for accentuation question just as improve your general scholarly aptitudes for the paper.

Recognize the right connection between the pair of words to choose the important pair from the choice. You should rehearse them however much as could reasonably be expected to comprehend their hidden science. Having a decent vocabulary will support a great deal.

Writing the dialogue in indirect narration in a passage-form

Gain proficiency with the principles for a change of direct portrayal into aberrant portrayal for positive, negative and interrogative sentences; and basic and exclamatory sentences. Separate principles apply every one of them. It includes a difference in action word, pronouns, and structure contingent on the sentence.

You have changed in the portrayal of the exchange into aberrant just as to re-compose it in a passage structure. It implies it will embrace a structure a story. Story composing likewise requires a bit practice as it includes displaying it in a route not quite the same as an exchange.

Usage of words or phrase in sentences

You are given words or expressions to utilize them in a sentence. These expressions incorporate various scopes of words including explicit languages or wordings, figures of speech and phrasal action words. You need to get familiar with the regularly utilized figures of speech and phrasal action words. Figures of speech are explicit articulations generally have significance not the same as its exacting importance, pull somebody leg, hit the sack. Similarly, a phrasal action word is a mix of an action word with different words for the most part communicating importance not quite the same as their strict implications, for example back down, put off, raise.


If you understand the paper and prepare wholehearted in the manner I have explained you will surely have success.

Furthermore, if you get a chance to examine the past papers you will have whole lot better idea of the situation at hand.

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