Al-Walid 1: 705 – 715


Malik had nominated his son, Al-Walid, before his death for the throne. Walid ascended the throne peacefully.
During his reign the caliphate reached its zenith, which would go on to last till the rule of Hashim.
He, himself, wasn’t really a warrior, but he had galaxy of able administrators and commanders.

Umar bin Abdul Aziz as governor of Hijaz

Walid, upon his accession replaced the incompetent Hashim bin Ismael from the governorship of Hijaz. He was replaced by Umar bin Abdul Aziz.
It was welcomed by the people of the province for this man was pious, mild, and kind administrator.
He revived the consultative system of the orthodox caliphs in the region.
He undertook the task of re-building and beautifying the Holy Cities, especially Mosque of Madinah which was built with best of material of that time.
He also constructed roads for the pilgrims. He planted trees, dug wells or built water-tanks for them on their journey.
Due to his mild and pious nature, people were fleeing from Iraq to Madinah. They couldn’t tolerate Hajjaj’s harsh and severe rule. This irked Hajjaj who requested Walid to replace Umar.
The Caliph delayed his decision but finally gave in and replaced Umar bin Abdul Aziz with Khalid bin Abdullah al-Qasri.

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