Pakistan affairs

Pakistan Affairs

Following are all the main topics of Pakistan Affairs:

Ideology of Pakistan

  1. Ideology of Pakistan: Introduction
  2. Ideology Of Pakistan And Quaid-e-Azam
  3. Ideology Of Pakistan And Allama Iqbal
  4. Two Nation Theory
  5. Ideology of Pakistan by Stephen Cohen

Muslim Society in Sub-continent

  1. Muslim Society in Subcontinent
  2. Sheikh Ahmed Sarhindi (1564-1624)
  3. Shah Wali-Ullah (1703-62)
  4. Syed Ahmed Shaheed (1786-1831)

History of Pakistan

  1. History of Pakistan – I (From Early Islam to Partition of Bengal)
  2. History of Pakistan – II (From Foundation of Muslim League to Elections 1937)
  3. History of Pakistan – III (From Lahore Resolution to Independence)
  4. Major Political Developments 1857-1918
  5. Muslim Politics in British India: 1924-1935
  6. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and the Aligarh Movement
  7. Allahabad Address 1930
  8. Constitution of 1973
  9. Darl-Ul-Uloom-I-Deoband or Deoband Movement
  10. Khilafat movement
  11. Nadva-Tul-Ulema Lucknow
  12. The Objectives Resolution
  13. The Problems of the New Pakistan State
  14. Quaid-e-Azam
  15. Role Of Quaid-E-Azam In The Creation Of Pakistan
  16. eparation Of East Pakistan
  17. Fall of East Pakistan by Stephen Cohen

Pakistan’s Political Affairs

  1. Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan
  2. Pakistan Politics since 1971

Foreign Policy of Pakistan

  1. Foreign Policy of Pakistan by James Wynbrandt
  2. Foreign Policy of Pakistan by Stephen Cohen
  3. Indo-Pak Relations
  4. Organization Of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
  5. Pakistan And The Central Asian States
  6. Pak-US Relations
  7. Pakistan and Regional Organizations (ECO, SCO)
  8. South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation (SAARC)

Other Pakistan Affairs topics

  1. Economy of Pakistan
  2. Education in Pakistan
  3. Energy Crisis in Pakistan
  4. Ethnic Conflict in Pakistan
  5. Kashmir issue
  6. Location of Pakistan