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English Essay

This page contains sample essays on all major English essay topics.

United Nations

  1. The United Nations has failed to measure up to the demands of its charter
  2. United Nations in 21st Century: Obligations and Limitations
  3. Critical Analysis of United Nations

Science and Technology

  1. It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has superseded our humanity.
  2. New technology has radically altered new identities.


  1. Religion has done more harm than help in human relations of the world
  2. Islam is the Religion of Peace
  3. Image of Islam in West

Justice System

  1. No national progress possible without a comprehensive justice system.

Governance and Democracy

  1. Accountability Reduces Corruption and This Leads to Progress and Development
  2. Crisis of Good Governance in Pakistan: Need for Reforms and Institution Building
  3. Crisis of Good Governance in Pakistan: Need for Reforms and Institution Building – II
  4. Democracy is a Worst form of Governance for Illiterate Nations
  5. Local Body Elections and Their Role for Good Governance
  6. Has Democracy Failed to Deliver in Pakistan?
  7. Features of True Democracy
  8. Democracy in Pakistan Hopes and Hurdles
  9. Has Democracy Failed to Deliver in Pakistan?

Free Speech

  1. Free Speech should not have any limitations to allow society to progress at its maximum potential.
  2. Free speech should have limitations
  3. Liberty Must be Limited in Order to be Enjoyed
  4. It is Better to Reign in Hell than to Serve in Heaven/True Spirit of Freedom
  5. Man is Born Free but Everywhere He is in Chains
  6. There should be some Limitation on Free Media in Pakistan
  7. ‘Dharna’ Against the State: Freedom of Speech or a Question on the Rights of the State

Water Crisis

  1. Water Crisis in Pakistan – Causes and Consequences
  2. Water Crisis and National Unity
  3. Sustainable Flow of Water is Essential for Economic Growth of Pakistan
  4. Water Crisis and National Unity (Complete Essay)

Nuclear Weapons

  1. Nuclear weapons are not only a great peril but also a great hope

Wars and Terrorism

  1. Disturbed borders suggest unending wars and threats to human lives
  2. Peace Hath her Victories no Less Renowned than War
  3. Ambition is the Grand Enemy of all Peace
  4. War on Terror has Contributed to Growing Human Right Abuse
  5. We can Kill Terrorists, not Terrorism
  6. Terrorism in Pakistan: Causes and Solutions


  1. The culture of Corruption in Pakistan its impacts on the economy and human capital
  2. Corruption is the Mother of all Evils in our Society
  3. Corruption is the root cause of all evils
  4. Culture of Corruption and its Eradication

Muslim World

  1. The Implications of sectarian Militancy and Ethnic Violence in Muslim World


  1. Flaws in our education system are causing some of our failures
  2. Economic prosperity is directly proportional to literacy rate
  3. Education Breeds Discontent and Discontent Tends to Make People Unhappy. Thus the Spread of Education is Dis-Service to Nation
  4. A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing
  5. Higher Education, an Agent of Change
  6. Privatizing Higher Education- Generating Knowledge or Making more Money for the Opulent
  7. Education in Pakistan has Failed to Produce Efficient Human Resource
  8. Critical Analysis of Multidimensional Education Systems in Pakistan
  9. Co-education Merits and Demerits
  10. Education in Pakistan: Hurdles and Solutions
  11. Education Makes People easy to Lead but difficult to Drive

Energy Crisis

  1. Energy Crisis in Pakistan: Consequences and Recommendations
  2. Energy Crisis in Pakistan


  1. Gender discrimination in developing states
  2. Frailty is the Name of Woman
  3. Is Gender Equality a Myth?
  4. Status of Women Empowerment in Pakistan
  5. Status of Women in Islam
  6. Is Gender Equality a Myth? – II

New World Order

  1. The End of the New World Order


  1. Role of Social Media for Good Governance
  2. Functions of Media
  3. Truth is a Rare Commodity despite the Freedom enjoyed by the Print and Electronic Media

Climate Change and Disaster Management

  1. Impacts of climate change on Pakistan as one of the worst-hit regions
  2. Disaster Management and Government Preparations
  3. Climate Change and Our Preparation to Counter It
  4. Global Warming and our Preparation to Counter it
  5. Threats of Global Warming and Ways to Counter it
  6. Global Warming: its Causes and Consequences


  1. Status of National Integration in Pakistan
  2. Socio-Economic Problems in Pakistan
  3. Socio Economic Problems in Pakistan II
  4. Critical Analysis of Foreign Policy of Pakistan
  5. Urbanization: Its Hazards and Way Forward
  6. Rights of Minorities in Pakistan: Issues and Solutions
  7. Development of Pakistan depends on Youth Bulge
  8. FATA-KP Merger: Opportunities and Challenges
  9. Creation of New Provinces on Ethnic and Linguistics bases weakens the National Integration
  10. Making New Provinces in Pakistan: Challenges and Prospects
  11. Is CPEC another East India Company?
  12. Socio-Economic Challenges of Pakistan and How to Tackle them


  1. World a Global Village: Learning to Live Together
  2. Post Modern Ethos, a Challenge to the West
  3. The Rise of Nationalism in International Politics


  1. Does Foreign Aid Help To Achieve Economic Stability?
  2. Economic Crisis in Pakistan: Challenges and Prospects
  3. Socio-Economic Challenges of Pakistan and How to Tackle them

Some other Essays:

  1. Sweet are the Uses of Adversity
  2. Discretion is the Better Part of Velour
  3. Where there is a Will There is a Way
  4. Young Habits Die Hard
  5. Liberty Means Responsibility, that is Why Most Men Red it
  6. Where Wealth Accumulates and Men Decay
  7. Life is Action, Not Contemplation
  8. One Man’s Food is another’s Poison
  9. A Righteous Man Regards the Life of his Beast
  10. Discipline Means Success, Anarchy Means Ruin
  11. The Fruits of Labor are Sweeter than the Gifts of Fortune
  12. Man is the Architect of His Own Fortune
  13. The Fools of Yesterday are the Wise Men of Today
  14. Little things are great to Little Men
  15. A Wise Man is a Man Who Knows he is a Fool
  16. Would it be true to Say that most Unhappy People have often the Least Cause for Being Unhappy?
  17. First Deserve and then Desire
  18. Strike when the Iron is Hot
  19. The Child is the Father of Man
  20. There is No Virtue like Necessity
  21. Better to Wear out, than to Rust Out
  22. Example is Better than Perception/Deeds are Better than Theory
  23. Manners take the Man
  24. East is East and West is West Never the Twain Shall Meet
  25. It is Better to have Loved and Lost than Never to have Loved at all
  26. The World does not Progress, it Merely Changes
  27. A Clear Conscience is a Soft Pillow
  28. We Live in Deeds, Not in Years