1. Father of modern chemistry is Jabir bin Hayyan
  2. Father of botany is Theofrastus
  3. Father of biology is Aristotle
  4. James Hutton is called the father of modern geology.
  5. Thefrastus is called as father of botany.
  6. Father of Homeopathy is Heinemann.
  7. Founder of physical chemistry Arrhenius.
  8. Copernicus is known as the Father of Astronomy.
  9. Greek writer Herodotus is called father of History.
  10. Who is known as The father of English poetry – 1340 – 1400 Geoffrey Chaucer
  11. ‘Aristophanes’ is called father of comedy.
  12. Charles babbage is called ” Father of computer “
  13. Adam smith is called ” Father of economics ”


  1. Parliament of Afghanistan is Loya Jirga.
  2. Parliament of Australia is Federal Parliament.
  3. Parliament of Bangladesh is Jatiya Saugsad.
  4. Parliament of Canada is Parliament.
  5. Parliament of China is National people’s congress.
  6. Parliament of Denmark is Folketing.
  7. Parliament of Egypt is People’s Assembly.
  8. Parliament of France is Parliament.
  9. Parliament of Germany is Baundesrat.
  10. Parliament of Greece is Parliment.
  11. Parliament of India is Parliment.
  12. Parliament of Iran is Majlis-e-Shoura-e-Islam.
  13. Parliament of Iraq is National Assembly.
  14. Parliament of Japan is Diet.
  15. Parliament of Morocco is Majlis al Nuwab.
  16. Parliament of Oman is Consultative Assembly.
  17. Parliament of Qatar is Advisory Council.
  18. Parliament of Russia is Duma.
  19. Parliament of Norway is the Storting.
  20. Parliament of Sweden is Riksdag.
  21. Oldest parliament in the world— Althing (Iceland)


  1. Aero float is the airline of Russia.
  2. Al-Italia is the Italian international airlines.
  3. Royal Nepal’s Airline is the name of Nepal’s airline.
  4. Transworld Airway (TWA) belongs to USA.
  5. Scandinavian airlines operate in the countries Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.
  6. KLM is the oldest national airline.
  7. JAL is an airline of Japan.
  8. BOAC airline is of Great Britain.
  9. Garada is the airline of Indonesia.
  10. Qantas is an airline of Australia.
  11. The famous airport Dum Dum is located in Mombai (India).
  12. Chaklala airport is situated in Rawalpindi.
  13. Orly airport is located in Paris.
  14. Santa Cruz airport is in Mumbai.
  15. KLM is an airline of Nether land.
  16. LOT is the national airline of what country-Poland
  17. TABSO is the national airline of which country-Bulgaria
  18. Lufthansa is an airlines from Germany
  19. Cathy Pacific is an airline of Hong Kong.
  20. What is Belgium’s national Airline- Sabina
  21. Vnukovo airport is in Moscow.
  22. Biman is the airline of Bangladesh.
  23. Qantas is an airline of Australia.


  1. Anatolia is the news agency of Turkey.
  2. News agency AIP belongs to Afghanistan.
  3. Interfax is the news agency of Russia.
  4. Al-Hilal was stated in 1912 and closed in 1914; Abudul Kalam Azad founded it.
  5. Russian News agency is Itar-Tass

Words related to Animals

  1. Aquiline is for eagle.
  2. Bovine is for cattle.
  3. Canine is for dog.
  4. Caprine is for goat.
  5. Corvine is for crow.
  6. Equine is for horse.
  7. Feline is for horse.
  8. Leonine is for cat.
  9. Lupine is for wolves.
  10. Ovine is for sheep.
  11. Pavonine is for peacock.
  12. Psittacine is for parrot.
  13. Simian is for apes, monkey.
  14. Ursine is for bear.
  15. Vulpine is for fox.

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