Best Online Finance Courses

Exploring free online courses with certificates of completion can open up a whole new world of educational and career opportunities. These free online finance courses and degree programs are eliminating the stress for many students. There are many reputable and even prestigious colleges, universities and course providers that offer a tuition-free finance education, specialization, degrees and certificates to students around the world.


EdX offers a total of 2,270 courses online in more than 30 different fields of subjects. EdX offers finance courses online. Many of the courses are self-paced but there are also plenty of instructor-led options available for students. EdX offers a variety of finance courses such as Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting and Analysis, Financial Analysis for Decision Making, Projections and Structuring, Risk Management, Mergers and Acquisitions (MandA), Brokerage Operations, Electronic Trading in Financial Markets, Islamic Finance, and Capital Marking and many more.

Below is the list of Best Online Finance Courses of all time:

1. Investment Banking Certification Course

This comprehensive course teaches you investment banking specifically. Investment bankers help companies raise their funds through IPO, FPO, and private placements. After learning this course, you already become experienced professionals, what it takes to be an investment banker.

2. Financial Modeling Certification Course

Finance modeling course teaches how to value a business and showcase it in front of clients. It also teaches to create complex models. This course is required for careers in investment banking, equity research, transaction, advisory, business valuations, etc.

3. Leading with Finance Course

Leading with Finance is an online course that is designed to provide its students with a thorough understanding of the principles of finance. This course also teaches the importance of incorporating subjective judgments into financial-decision making and making effective leaders as a result. This course is offered by ‘Harvard Business School’ and it takes 6 weeks for its completion.

4. Understanding Public Financial Management

This online comprehensive course provides the students with the fundamental knowledge to understand and assess the management of public financial resources across the sector. This course is offered by ‘SOAS University of London’. It takes 4 weeks for its completion.

5. Advanced Program in Compliance

This course will teach how to carry out programs for the prevention of compliance, implement them effectively and establish the procedures to resolve the legal proceedings that the company may face in future for malpractice of employees, managers or partners. This course is offered by ‘Institute for Advanced Management’, in preparation for the CESCOM certificate issued by the Spanish Association of Compliance (ASCOM). This course takes 100 hours for its completion.

6. Expert in International Trade: recruitment, financing, logistics, and marketing

This course will equip the students with the skills to manage and analyze financial risk techniques and determining the financing mode best suited to the needs of the business and marketing planning, logistics organization and intervention in any trade negotiations. It will provide practical guidance in all sectors involved in international business management. This course is offered by ‘INEAF Business School’, based in Spain. This course takes 450 hours for its completion.

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