Corruption is the Root cause of all Evils

Corruption is the Root cause of all Evils


  1. The essence of the word “Corruption”
    1. Definition and origin
    1. An evil of the highest level
  2. Corruption in various countries of the world CTI Report)
    1. Pakistan’s position
    1. A comparative analysis of the growth in a country with the ‘Corruption’ level.
  3. Impacts of Corruption in Pakistan
    1. Political Effects
      1. Politically shaky environment
      1. Feudal using corruption for their greed of roots
      1. Electoral corruption for their greed of power
      1. An infant democracy further deteriorating to its roots
      1. Electoral corruption and negation of basic principle of democracy i.e. “True Representation of the people”
      1. Institutional foundations are rotted because of political poking
      1. Historical (Martial laws imposed because of political view corruption and hampering growth)
    1. Social Effects:
      1. Moral degradation
      1. Unabated avariciousness of Black money
      1. Lack of Satisfaction and proliferating uneasiness in the society
      1. Blemishing the rich civilization
      1. ‘Corruption’ beginning to be accepted as a ‘FAIT ACCOMPLI’
      1. Alienation and ignorance breeding among the masses
    1. Economic Consequences
      1. “Corruption”, playing the role of a termite
      1. Increasing import-export gap and staggering fiscal deficits’
      1. Inflation and Energy crisis (circular debt)
      1. Foreign Aids and Corruption: a perennial loop
      1. Tax to GDP ratio hitting extreme lows
      1. Unemployment
      1. Ignoble scenario of infrastructure and economic reserves
      1. Budget deficits and lack of funds for national security
      1. Economy touching the lower mantle
    1. Hiccups experienced by the Bureaucracy due to corrupt officers and the consequences
    1. Judicial matters being affected and Moral corruptness of the Judges
    1. Negation of Islamic values and degradation of society into various economic classes.
  4. Causes of Corruption
    1. Feudal Landlords and their monopoly
    1. Illiteracy of the masses
    1. Forgetfulness on part of Islamic Teachings
    1. Lack of will shown by the plebcians overthrow the corrupt rulers
    1. Fledgling democracy and Infant Institutions
    1. Societal practices of ostentatious shows encouraging the authority to amass wealth while common man following the path
    1. Lack of fundamental needs exhorting the people to collect money from ignoble sources
    1. Nepotism and a handful of people (families) governing the derelict.
  5. The path to its eradication
    1. Moral uprightness (Being listening to one’s soul)
    1. Important role of the Ulema and Teachers
    1. Rule of Law and police reforms
    1. Depoliticizing the public institutions
    1. Legislation on Corruption’s eradication
    1. Reforming the society by the weapon of education
    1. Following the path of Scandinavian countries towards democracy
    1. Role of Media
    1. Giving Autonomy to NAB in policy making and implementation (Depoliticizing)
    1. Strengthening the democratic institutions
  6. Conclusion
    1. A complete reform of soul, society and establishing strong institutions on the true values of Islam as thought of and philosophized by Iqbal and as being clear from the sayings of Quaid.

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