Socio-Economic Problems in Pakistan


  1. Emergence of civil life

Socio Economic Problems in Pakistan

  1. Meaning of socio-economic problems

Prevailing Socio-Economic Problems in Pakistan

  1. Mass Poverty
  2. Extensive Corruption
  3. Exponentially increasing population
  4. Lack of education
  5. Religious conflicts and sectarianism
  6. Poor law and order situation
  7. Destructive terrorism
  8. Unequal wealth distribution
  9. Resource deprivation

Repercussions of these Socio-Economic Problems

  1. Unemployment explosion
  2. Health deterioration
  3. Infrastructure damage
  4. Escalation in crime rate
  5. Feeling of fear and frustration
  6. Economic deterioration

Recommendations to Address Socio-economic Problems of Pakistan

  1. Quality education
  2. Progress for poverty alleviation
  3. Employment through industrialization
  4. Proper law enforcement agencies
  5. Strict check on religious seminaries
  6. Infrastructure reconstruction


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