Energy Crisis in Pakistan


  1. Global energy crisis
  2. Energy a life line for survival of life
  3. Current scenario of Energy Sector of Pakistan

Causes of Energy Crisis in Pakistan

  1. Increase in population
  2. Expensive power production cost
  3. Circular debt
  4. Industrial development at large scale
  5. Ineffective power distribution system
  6. Energy theft
  7. Mismanagement at different levels;
    1. Minimum usage of renewable sources/alternative sources
    1. Political and bureaucratic interference

Consequences of Energy Crisis

  1. Economic stress
  2. Low agriculture productivity
  3. Declining Industrial growth
  4. Upraise of Socio-Economic evils
  5. Generation of a gap between the developed and developing nations
  6. Mass unemployment
  7. Health of people
  8. Ever increasing poverty
  9. Social issues

Recommendations to Address Energy Crisis in Pakistan

  1. Power conservation strategies
    1. Public awareness and cooperation
    1. b. Smart energy utilization
  2. Traffic control method
  3. Maximum solar energy usage
  4. Construction of more dams
  5. Installments of windmills to produce wind energy
  6. Introduction of modern technologies
  7. Creating awareness among the masses
  8. Introduction of grid-tie and net metering systems


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