East is East and West is West Never the Twain Shall Meet

  1. Introduction
  2. A quotation of Rudyard Kipling, an English poet and imperialist, means that western culture is far superior to eastern culture, hence no possibility of their synthesis.
  3. No doubt both cultures are opposites in character and temper, outlook and philosophy, social, moral, and spiritual ideas and ideals.
  4. With their god dead, the conception of a typical western is material advancement through conquest over nature is the be all and end all of his whole existence.
  5. A typical eastern, on the other hand, is still far more interested in spirituality than materialistic pursuits.
  6. The common thing in Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Judaism, eastern religions, is the obedience of God, control of ill-desires, and sacrifices for others.
  7. But it is wrong to think thatthe gulf is unbridgeable.
  8. Since both of them have failed in getting actual satisfaction, so remedy lies in combining naturalismand spiritualism.
  9. It is also necessary for the survival of human race on this planet in the presence of mass destructive weapons.
  10. “The east has a message for Europe and America, if only the west will have humility and patience enough to learn from her.”
  11. Mere spiritualism or mere materialism will not do. The east must learn from west ways for material progress as the west must learn atthe feet of eastern savantsthe spiritual wisdom.
  12. Conclusion

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