Urbanization: Its Hazards and Way Forward


  1. Desirous human nature
  2. Technological revolution
  3. What is urbanization?

Factors Responsible for Urbanization in Pakistan

  1. Attainment of better life style
  2. Good health services
  3. Acquisition of quality education
  4. Ample economic opportunities

Hazards of Urbanization in Pakistan

  1. Nightmare for governing bodies; A- Haphazard colonies
  2. Vulnerable law and order situation
  3. Massive surge in urban crime;
  4. Exposure to new criminal tactics
  5. Solid waste management;
  6. Sanitation and sewerage system
  7. Complication in waste disposal
  8. Threat to sustainability of infrastructure; A- Over-burdening of institutions Over-crowded smoky roads
  9. Decline of agriculture sector; A- Shift of arid labor force
  10. Severe blow to economy
  11. Environmental degradation; A- Mass deforestation
  12. Menace of global warming
  13. Health issues and spread of diseases
  14. Energy crises
  15. Rise in religion-ethnic conflicts

Way Forward to Counter Hazards of Urbanization in Pakistan

  1. Recruitment of professional town planners; A- Example of New Zealand
  2. Technological development in rural areas;
  3. Production-oriented agricultural advancement
  4. Proactive role of local government
  5. Awareness through media;
  6. Population control campaign
  7. Productive debates
  8. Utilization of modern technology;
  9. Remote sensing technology
  10. Renovation of infrastructure in backward areas;
  11. Up gradation of health care units
  12. Enhancement of educational institutions


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