Does Foreign Aid Help To Achieve Economic Stability?


Does Foreign Aid Help To Achieve Economic Stability?

  1. Greece financial crisis due to dependency on foreign resources
  2. Prerequisites for economic stability
  3. Firefighting role of foreign aid in economy of a country

Economic  Stability  does no achieved not Through Foreign Aid

  1. Foreign aid hindering long term economic stability by snoozing the incentive to work hard
  2. Destroy the image of the  national global level
  3. Unreliable supply
  4. Channels of supply such as NGOs are not transparent
  5. Cannot reach the poor due to control of elites
  6. Give rise to patronage system
  7. Mostly military aid which has no bearing on economic stability
  8. Minimize growth in local industry
  9. Foreign aid giving dictatorial rights to the aid given with regards to domestic policy – economic or otherwise
  10. Foreign aid as a threat to national interests

Role of Foreign Aid in Economic Stability

  1. Safety from bankruptcy
  2. Visible boom in the economy immediately after aid


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