Development of Pakistan depends on Youth Bulge


  1. What do mean by development?
  2. How youth bulge can ensure development of Pakistan

Development of  Pakistan depends with Youth  Bulge because:

  1. Youth constitutes almost half of population
  2. Tendencies of pro activeness and efficiency lie within youth

Development of Pakistan depends with Youth because:

  1. Annihilate corrupt tendencies
  2. Ensure sustainable development of society
  3. Enhance productivity of work force
  4. Counter non-democratic trends in society
  5. Cultivate and induce openness and inclusiveness
  6. Put political system on right trajectory
  7. Tackle social deviances
  8. Annihilate physical and ideological space for hostess generics human
  9. Achieve SDG’s sine qua non for sustainable development
  10. Establish strong narrative against climate threat
  11. Ensure rule of law and impart democratic principles of liberty, equality and freedom
  12. Reject extremism
  13. Counter patriarchal tendencies and sexism
  14. Establish sound public opinions regarding issues
  15. Induce reasonable voice in society


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