Water Crisis and National Unity



  1. The emergence of Pakistan as an integrated country
  2. The concept of national unity
  3. Water is a natural and indispensable gift for survival

Current situation of Water availability in Pakistan: 147 MAF

Impacts of Water Crisis on National Unity

  1. Inter-provincial disharmony
  2. The emergence of regional political parties
  3. Conflicts over the construction of new water reservoirs
  4. Ever decreasing agriculture output leads to economic disparity among provinces and regions
  5. Time and again floods and drought force migration that brings ethnic issues
  6. A severe shortage of agriculture and potable water in some areas weakens nationalism
  7. Encroachment of coastal areas leads to migration which brings many socio-economic issues
  8. Unemployment promotes anti-state elements
  9. Industrial backwardness in water-stressed areas enhances national disintegration
  10. Rising provincial prejudices among the public
  11. Increasing electricity shortages
  12. Rising poverty and malnutrition

Causes of Water Crisis in Pakistan

  1. Population explosion
  2. Inefficient use of water
  3. Changing weather pattern
  4. Indian invasions on Pakistan water resources
  5. Poor management of existing resources
  6. Sedimentation of existing reservoirs
  7. The limited capacity of storage
  8. The poor lining of water channels

Measures to Solve Water Crisis in Pakistan

  1. Implementation of Water Policy 2018 in letter and spirit
  2. Efficient use of water
  3. Comprehensive management of water
  4. Renovation of existing infrastructure
  5. Implementation of Indus-water basin treaty in letter and spirit
  6. Rising the level of dams
  7. Augmentation of existing resources
  8. IRSA should be made an effective institution. (Indus River System Authority)
  9. Construction of macro and mini dams
  10. Implementation of modern irrigation techniques: drip and sprinkle


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