Accountability Reduces Corruption

Accountability Reduces Corruption and This Leads to Progress and Development


  1. Evolution of civic societies
  2. Corruption is a mother of all evils
  3. Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Overview of the Concept of Accountability

How Accountability Reduces Corruption

  1. Direct punishment are awarded
  2. Creates deterrence for future
  3. Transparency in society emerges

How Accountability Leads to Progress and Development

  1. People get access to opportunities.
  2. Sincere leadership emerges with a vision
  3. Democracy is strengthened
  4. Global image improves: Better trade relations
  5. Investor confidence boasts: Inflow of FDI and capital flight stops
  6. Public sector delivery improves.
  7. GDP growth takes place.
  8. Lavish Expenditures are controlled
  9. Tax evasion ends: Debt trap breaks

Accountability Lead to Prosperity: Examples from the Western World

Lack of Accountability Causes Backwardness: Case of Pakistan

How to Promote Accountability Culture

  1. Impartial Judiciary
  2. Consciousness in Public through education
  3. Active role of media
  4. Role of civil society


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