Climate Change

Essay Topic: Impacts of climate change on Pakistan as one of the worst hit regions


  1. Introduction
    1.1 Climate change has affected all regions of the world due to the man-made activities which contribute to greenhouse gases.
    1.2 Climate change has affected the most vulnerable regions by posing threat to the lives of living beings, polluting the environment and damaging agriculture.
  2. How vulnerable is the world due to climate change
    2.1 Melting of glaciers has resulted in the rising of sea levels.
    2.2 Less rainfall has resulted in droughts, famines, and epidemics. i.e; Thar in Pakistan.
  3. The worst hit regions due to climate change
    3.1 Tropical regions of the world are facing extreme weather conditions that have resulted in floods, high-intensity storms and over pollution. i.e; Smog engulfed whole Punjab of India and Pakistan.
    3.2 Pakistan ranks as the 8th most vulnerable country in the world due to climate change.
    3.3 Rise in temperature of African countries resulted in drought and famine.
  4. Impacts of climate change on worst hit regions
    4.1 Impacts on environment
    4.1.1 Intense temperature has resulted in sea level rise and more intense heat waves. i.e; Karachi the most populous city of Pakistan suffers from heat waves.
    4.1.2 Increasing of chemical particles have polluted the atmosphere. i.e; heavy smog in the whole Punjab of India and Pakistan.
    4.2 Impacts on agriculture
    4.2.1 Intense droughts and famine have reduced land’s fertility.i.e; severe droughts in Thar and Balochistan.
    4.2.2 Less rainfall and intense heat waves resulted in fire of wild forests. i.e; forest fires in Israel due to continuous drought.
    4.3 Impacts on living beings

4.3.1 Increase in viral diseases and epidemics resulted in casualties. i.e; skin infection in animals and human beings, e.g: Chikungunya – mosquito born disease in Pakistan.
4.3.2 Increase in physical abnormalities of individuals. i.e; Polio virus.

5. How international community has helped to lessen the impacts of climate change
5.1 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in Dec, 2009 forged an agreement as maximum increase in global temperature as 2⁰C.
5.2 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the UNFCCC, held in Paris.
5.3 Kigali deal in Rwanda to phase out greenhouse gases.

6. Conclusion

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