CSS 2019 Mock Exam



Note: Attempt any five questions.

Q. No.1. Discuss the development of the study of “International Relations” and define its core influential factors and explain its role in the post Cold War era.

Q. No.2. Describe and discuss the concept of Nation – State and evaluate its future in the light of certain recent developments.

Q. No.3. Define “Economics as an Instrument in Foreign Policy” and explain its fundamental characteristics which can help to achieve state’s objectives.

Q. No.4. Critically discuss the origin and developments of the cold war and its consequences on World Politics.

Q. No.5. Discuss “Nationalism” and define its salient features in the post Cold War situation and explain its grave consequences with reference to Eastern Europe, African continent and South Asian tragic incidents. Also debate whether the UN and superpowers played any role in preventing bloodbath in these regions.

Q. No.6. What factors were responsible for the Creation of the WARSAW and NATO Pacts. Can NATO’s continuing existence be justified.


Note: Attempt any five questions.

Q. No. 7. Discuss the strategic importance of “Indian Ocean” in the post Cold War scenario and analyze the role of the United States and China in the region. Also identify vital political, economic and strategic interests of both great powers in the contemporary geopolitical situation.

Q. No. 8. What is Nuclear Proliferation? How for the United States of America is justified in making a nuclear deal with India.

Q. No. 9. Critically evaluate American Foreign Policy towards Pakistan.

Q. No. 10. Critically define “American interests in Afghanistan” and explain its political and strategic failure in the region and its unnecessary pressure on Pakistan to “do more” which can destabilize the regional scenario rather than stabilizing the situation. Also discuss the serious impact of American war on terror on Pakistan’s state, society and system.

Q. No. 11. Critically discuss “Pakistan’s participation in SEATO and CENTO” and explain political, strategic and economic causes and define its potential disadvantages for the country’s foreign policy and diplomacy.

Q. No. 12. Pakistan has formally joined Saudi Arabia’s led 34-state Islamic military alliance to contain terrorism and extremism in Southwest Asia. Critically discuss whether or not Pakistan participates in the newly formed military alliance against terrorism and explain its political, socio-cultural and strategic implications on the country.

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