How to Crack English Essay CSS/PCS

by Dr Waqas Roshan (PAS/41st CTP)

Make the right Choice of essay

Choose essay from Socioeconomic and Political perspective.

Examples :

Energy Crisis , Impact of Terrorism.

Strategies to alleviate poverty

Insecurities of Woman

Role of Media in Pakistan

National Integration

United Nation

How to draw Outline

Strategy (a)


  5Ws and 1H
  What ,Why,Where,When,Who., How. 

  Sketch to develop outline:

Causes of poverty
Effects of poverty
Remedies to settle poverty.

How to draw Outline

How to do brain storming?
a) Political
b) Economic
c) Technological/Scientific
d) Social
e) Medical
f) Moral
g) Psychological/Emotional.
h) Domestic.
i) Regional./local.
j) National.
k) International.
l) Historic.
m) Geographic
n) Educational.

Sketch to develop outline:

Causes of
Effects of
Remedies to settle poverty.
feudalism Hunger and malnutrition Suppressing feudalism can
bring an end to poverty.
Lack of
Street crimes Industrialization can settle
illiteracy Terrorism Educating the masses can
also resolve poverty.
unemployment Suicide Creation of Job opportunities
can also eliminate poverty.
Roles of various stakeholders
Frequent strikes have paralyzed the country
How frequent strikes have paralyzed the country
What are the causes of frequent strikes
How to curb this issue
How frequent strikes have paralyzed
the country
Causes of frequent
Remedies to curb
this issue of
frequent strikes
Traffic blockades Rising frustration / dissatisfaction among the common people. Meritocracy / Rule
of law
Restriction on
Deprivation of rights / Violation of merit Law should be
stronger than the strongest man on the land
Even Ambulances / emergency movements are also restricted Pressure groups / Unionism Discouraging unionism to avoid frequent strikes
Blood shed and loss of innocent lives Educating the masses
Positive / Pro-Pakistani and Pro-government role of Media.

Write the relevant content

Do not beat about the bush.

Also, do not repeat the same sentences / same grammatical expression.

About Introduction

How to write an introduction:
  The first part of an essay or a question is called   Introduction.
  Parts of Introduction:
1) Meaning:
a) General definition.
b) synonym
c) antonym.
2) Importance:
a) positive effects
b) negative effects
c) advantages
d) disadvantages.
3) Thesis statement:
  Thesis statement is a variable written in a sentence form at the end of introduction.

Sample introduction:

Unemployment is a state in which people sit idle and do nothing.It is also called a state of joblessness.Unemployment is an outcome of illiteracy, feudalism,lack of meritocracy and corruption.Unemployment leads to poverty, hunger,crimes, extremism, terrorism and suicide.Besides, it mars the image of the country in the comity of nations. It behaves like a moth which saps the vitals of the nations.There are multiple causes of unemployment and it also leads to grave repercussions.

About Conclusion

  Conclusion is the last part of an essay or an answer.
  Parts of Conclusion:
  a) concluding words.
  b) summary
  c) final opinion.
  d) concluding words.

Sample Conclusion

It can be concluded that unemployment is a state in which people sit idle and have nothing to do. It is an outcome of illiteracy, feudalism,lack of meritocracy,nepotism,etc. Unemployment leads to many grave repercussions such as poverty,crimes,extremism,terrorism and suicide.It has become very difficult to curb unemployment. However it is not impossible if sincere,concrete and pragmatic steps are taken. Government of Pakistan has been taking multifaceted efforts to bring an end to unemployment. Nip(National Intrenship Programmes), BBYSD (Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Programme), etc are some of the examples. Media has also been highlighting the widespread unemployment in the country. NGOs and other stakeholders have also been playing their respective roles to bring an end to unemployment.This gives us hope that soon the problem of unemployment will be settled.Consequently, Pakistan will progress in all walks of life.

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